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Solutions in Business in Cape Town

Two courses presented to business audiences at the Graduate Business School, University of Cape Town were extremely well received.


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Training course — Harnessing strengths and solutions in people management

This one-day course is for managers, small-business owners, entrepreneurs, supervisors, coaches, HR personnel ... anyone involved in leadership, management or wanting to improve productivity and work satisfaction.

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Positive business

... exploring applications of "the strengths perspective", Positive Psychology, a focus on resilience and ideas from Solution-Focused Brief Therapy to business and organisations ... NEW ideas (or maybe ideas you are already using!) and PRACTICAL tools.

The revolution that has been sweeping psychology, counselling and welfare work has also hit business!

Brief Solutions Pty Ltd offers the Solution-Focused Approach in business, management and organisations.

The approach seeks to help business discover how BUILDING SOLUTIONS is very different to SOLVING PROBLEMS. We assist people to:

  • Build positive change in a wide range of work settings
  • Deal simply with complex organisational issues
  • Recognise what matters and overlook what doesn't
  • Deploy powerful skills in coaching, project management and leadership
  • Apply an exciting new approach to their own work problems

The solutions focused approach is well-founded in practice around the world. Based upon "Solution-Focused Brief Therapy" — a well-researched new psychological approach to creating CHANGE — it is characterised by a positive and pragmatic approach to change, helping people to identify and carry out small carefully-targeted actions to promote what they want.

According to The Gallup Organization, the most effective managers direct 80% of their focus on their employees' strengths and only 20% of their focus on areas of problem, deficit or difficulty that need attention. However, few managers have SYSTEMATIC, effective, user-friendly tools for helping employees harness and build on strengths!

Brief Solutions Solutions in Business takes the Solution-focused approach further into the business world. Internationally, the relevance to business and organisations of this simple approach to CHANGE is being recognised.

Solutions in Business offers a number of services:

  • Training in applications of a Solution-focused approach in management and organisations
  • Training in the use of Solution-focused and "strengths-based" approaches to develop staff-centred supervision practices and enhance employees' strengths
  • Training in using simple, effective Solution-focused strategies for managers whose job ISN'T counselling but find themselves confronted with employee's problems
  • Consultation to businesses and organisations wanting to make things CHANGE

Solutions in Business is an activity of the Brief Solutions Group, which is an organisation committed to the practice, training, supervision and research in Solution-focused Brief Therapy and applications of "the strengths perspective".